Realme 10 Pro in Coca-Cola edition officially announced. Coming in a very limited edition

The Coca-Cola phone, which we first learned about just a few weeks ago, is indeed real. Coca-Cola and realme have officially announced that the phone exists and will be launched in India on February 10. As we guessed from the first images, this model will be a special edition of the Realme 10 pro 5G, launched several months ago, and will be part of a limited series with a special design of this affordable model.

Coca-Cola-branded phone to come in a very limited edition

The Realme 10 Pro 5G is the “right” kind of phone, with basic mid-range specs to provide a good user experience, but not quite comparable to that of a higher mid-range or flagship. However, Coca-Cola seems to be trying to embrace this market segment, as its beverages are also “mass market” products that appeal to a very broad audience.

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Unlike the images that initially came out of the phone, it looks like we’re getting a “dual-tone” design on the back cover, with a black stripe in the camera area extending down to the realme logo, along with a red stripe the symbolic color of the Coca-Cola brand, with the beverage logo partially displayed. Presumably the black is chosen to signify the colour of the drink. The rings around the rooms are also decorated with red accents.

realme 10 pro coca-cola realmeow

The Coca-Cola edition realme 10 Pro phone will be delivered in a special package, with a box featuring the beverage brand’s logo, along with accessories such as Coca-Cola stickers, a Coca-Cola-themed “realmeow” mascot, a SIM key with the beverage logo and a special certificate stating the phone’s unique number.

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Yes, unfortunately, the realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola will be a very limited edition, with only 6,000 units available globally. This wording is odd though, as the phones will debut in India, but no details have been given about availability in other countries. Surely, they will sell in the SH market at very high prices for those who collect Coca-Cola branded products.

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