This tank museum is more popular than the Louvre on YouTube –

Do you like tanks? Who doesn’t? If you want to check them out in person, why not roll your tracks to Bovington Tank Museum? Wait, actually you might want to hit the brakes first, because this museum is tucked away in rural Dorset, making it a difficult trip even for people who live in the same country.

However, this has only made the tank museum more popular on YouTube, where the Bovington Tank Museum channel has been viewed more than 100 million times, more popular than the Louvre and the Met in New York.

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Nik Wyness, head of marketing at the museum, notes that most of the viewing audience comes from the U.S. To him, YouTube is essential to reach a wider audience. “No one is going to visit us if they don’t know we exist.” he told the BBC.

The videos are praised for their passion and educational purposes, and even have comedians and historians as special guests. After first opening in 1947, the museum now earns about £2 million online, accounting for about a quarter of its revenue.

This tank museum is more popular than the Louvre on YouTube

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