This Rolex iPhone costs more than $180,000 -.

In general, iPhones tend to be some of the most expensive smartphones on the market today, but if you think they’re still a little too cheap for what they offer, Rolex, Caviar International and Apple have a new collaboration that might be more your speed.

This special edition iPhone known as the Daytona combines Caviar International’s craftsmanship with that of a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch, all on an iPhone 14 case. With decorative dials made with 24K gold plating and painted with jewelry enamel, atop an instrument panel with a speedometer and oil and fuel indicators, this iPhone is inspired by Malcolm Campbell’s Blue Bird supercar.

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As you would expect, having all these bells and whistles on an iPhone means it comes at a hell of a price, and the Daytona will actually set you back a whopping $182,000, and to add to this, these will even be incredibly rare, with only three phones available in total.

This Rolex iPhone costs more than $180,000
Caviar International

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