X/Twitter removes support for NFT profile photos -.

NFTs experienced an incredibly rapid rise in 2021. Influencers, celebrities and companies pushed them as the next big thing, in what has to be one of the most widely accepted marketing scams ever. In the year 2024, some of these NFTs may make you money quickly, but most have depreciated tremendously.

Now, to rub salt in the wound, X/Twitter has quietly removed the ability to set an NFT as a profile picture. One of the main selling points of an NFT was that it was yours. You could market yourself with it, make whatever you wanted with it, but it seems that is no longer the case. If you can’t even show off your purchase as a unique profile picture, it raises the question of what’s the point of having it.
Of course, your profile picture can still be your precious monkey, but it will not contain all the additional information, including the collection of the NFT, contract address, TokenID and the app on which the NFT was minted.

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