This is why McDonald’s staff should not use knives -.

Former McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz has built quite a TikTok following by revealing the fast food megacorporation’s insider secrets. He has talked about secret menu items, hacks and more. Recently, a fan asked if they could have their burger cut in half.

Haracz said that would not be possible because knives are not allowed in a McDonald’s kitchen. Anything that might need cutting already arrives as such. Onions are diced, lettuce is shredded, cheese comes in slices and tomatoes are the same. There is no need for a crew member to cut or chop for any reason.

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Employees may use some sharp tools for opening bags, pouches and anything else that needs it, but no knives are allowed in the kitchen. One commentator revealed that when asked to cut a hamburger in half, the staff did so with a spatula.

Do you think it makes sense that a McDonald’s kitchen doesn’t have knives?

This is why McDonald's staff shouldn't use knives

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