They are looking for people in Melilla who may have had contact with a dog with rabies

The Autonomous City of Melilla has announced that it is proceeding with the Location of people who may have had contact with a rabid dog found near La Legión so that they can be treated, after recalling that “rabies, once the first symptoms develop, is a deadly disease for susceptible people and animals”.

As reported by the Ministry of Public Health, the Animal Health and Zoonosis Unit, it is “a feral, mongrel, adult dog with a black coat, which was found in the lower area of ​​the Nano River, behind the Legion barracks”.

The animal, which was discovered on November 12, was alone, lying on the ground and in the presence of a dog with an owner who was walking in the area, “he got up and bit him, falling back to the ground and going into a coma. act followed”.

The aforementioned source has detailed that the dog was picked up by the animal collection service and transferred to the Observation Center, where he died of respiratory paralysis on Sunday November 14, without showing any other symptoms.

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The sample for analysis at the National Microbiology Center was sent to Madrid on Monday the 15th, confirming the result on the 17th, by antigen detection and PCR.

Do not touch stray animals

Therefore, from Public Health they have communicated that “if anyone has been bitten or had salivary contact with this dog on these dates or if someone can provide data on its origin, please appear at the offices of the General Directorate of Public Health and Consumption of the Autonomous City, located at Carretera Alfonso XIII, nº 52 – 54 (in front of the Center of Health)”.

Those affected can also contact the Local Police Service by telephone “to initiate treatment if necessary.” “It is recalled -he stressed- that rabies, once the first symptoms develop, is a deadly disease for susceptible people and animals”.

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In this regard, the area led by Francisca Maeso (PSOE) has indicated that “it is very important to remember that, in the event of the appearance of stray or apparently sick animals on public roads, do not try to touch, feed or pick them up and contact the Local Police so that the competent services proceed to remove it safely”. In addition, he recalled that the annual anti-rabies vaccination in the City is compulsory and free for dogs, cats and ferrets with more than three months of age. age.

Finally, from the Public Health area they have announced that they are working to draw up a contract that will allow them to reinforce the collection service for abandoned animals on public roads.

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