The spectacular and safe road “like in Switzerland” that leads to the resort with the cleanest air in Romania

Bistrița-Năsăud is the county where the spectacular road is located, just like “in Switzerland”. Find out details about “Transfăgărășanul de Bistrița”.

This county is said to be the gateway to Transylvania, being a county that helps to develop tourism, but also the county that strives to bring its citizens home. Bistrița-Năsăud is a cultural and tourism development model.

In this county, there is what the locals call Transfăgărășanul de Ardeal, being a winding road that leads to Colibita resort. This place is known to have the cleanest air in Romania.

„A small Transfăgărășan from Bistrița, yes, and those who come here can enjoy it, there are amazing curves both from the road coming from Prundul Bârgăului and on the Blajului road, on the other variant of the road, which goes towards Mureșenii Bârgăului and Tiha. So in this whole area, when we have such a steep slope, drillings have been dug up to 25-30 meters deep, there are several hundred pillars, about 300 pillars, made of reinforced concrete, which fix the road against landslides.

Instead, on the other side, in the area of ​​the slope, it was cut in the slope, it broke from the stone slope and due to the fact that there is a risk of stones falling further, it was stabilized with a stabilizing net, it was applied with a layer of cement primer. to stabilize the stones there and we can say that through this investment, safety is the same as in Switzerland “, says Bogdan Ivan, senator from Bistrita.

As early as 1883, rumors began to circulate that the air here has the power to heal, when a young woman from Bistrita stated that she managed to cure herself of tuberculosis due to the clean air in the area, being rich in ozone.

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Transfăgărășan de Ardeal is the winding road to Colibita resort
“Transfăgărășan de Ardeal” is the road that winds to Colibita resort

The spectacular road from Bistrița-Năsăud that makes you feel like in Switzerland

In 1979, the decision was made to move this village to the hills in the area, in the locality of Mita, in order to be able to arrange an accumulation lake. The inhabitants of the area are sure that on the bottom of the lake there are still the ruins of the old village.

The attracted European funds were invested in the road that managed the real estate development in the area, where you can find several pensions and holiday homes.

“Here was a narrow road, bad and built in the 1970s when the Colibita dam was built in 60-70, so that was it. After this investment was made, we are in the stage where I told you – Colibita has actually started to be reborn and more and more people are calling us, they can’t find accommodation, that is, we end up being new travel agents, those who have acquaintances in the area, for people who want to stay “, adds the senator.

In the county there is a network of roads measuring about 700 kilometers. Much of it, more specifically in the last eight years, has been modernized or is being modernized. Half of them were funded by European funds.

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