The scariest villain in horror movies: who wears the ‘crown of absolute evil’ this Halloween

As Halloween is just around the corner, moviegoers are already preparing to watch or, as the case may be, re-watch certain horror or thriller films.

And speaking of which, have you ever thought about who the scariest main villain in a horror movie is? Of course, we have examples by the hundreds, which is good because we have plenty to choose from. Even so, not all movies and not all acting transpositions get it right.

That said, let’s take a look at a top of the scariest villains in cult horror movies.

Top Horror Movie Villains

The rankings were compiled by the UK-based company Claims and are as follows:

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In first place with 8.71 points is none other than the killer Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. In second place is The Werewolf, from the An American Werewolf series (7.74), and in third place is Kayako, from The Grudge series (7.58).

In fourth place is Death Anger, from the first and second parts of A Quiet Place (7.10), tied with Mask Man from The Den (same score).

Fifth place goes to The Blob character from the film of the same name (6.78), and he shares the score with Creeper from the Jeepers Creepers franchise.

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Ghostface, from Scream, ranks sixth at 6.62, and just behind in seventh place is Chucky and Bo doll from House of Wax at 6.29.

Still, if you’re curious how the killers in Halloween movies rank, here are the rankings accordingly:

  • Bo (House of Wax);
  • Michael Myers (serial Halloween);
  • The Blob (The Blob);
  • Ghostface (Scream);
  • Gabriel (Malignant);
  • Chucky (Child’s Play franchise);
  • Werewolf (An American Werewolf series);
  • Death Angel (A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place part two);
  • Creeper (Jeepers Creepers 1 and Jeepers Creepers 3);
  • Xenomorph (The Alien series).

Averaging it out, it looks like Michael Myers from John Carpenter’s Halloween takes the “crown of absolute evil”.

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