Mercedes-Benz unveils “the electric future of desire” -.

Mercedes-Benz has now pulled back the curtain on what is called the Concept CLA Class, a car that serves as a glimpse of a series of upcoming vehicles the German auto giant will produce that it describes as “the electric future of desire.”

According to a press release, we are told that the family of cars will seek to improve the electric experience and will be powered by a powertrain that can offer more than 750 kilometers on a single charge, all with a consumption of 12 kWh / 100 km. The battery will also be an 800 V system that can be quickly recharged for a range of 400 km in just 15 minutes.

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Otherwise, this selection of cars will include a new operating system that uses supercomputing and AI to add new levels of personalization, safety and automated driving functions.

The architecture on which the cars are built also promises to reduce value chain CO2 by more than 40 percent, also making the cars more sustainable to produce, all so that Mercedes-Benz can meet its Ambition 2039 sustainability goals.

As for when the actual cars, not the concept version unveiled, will hit the road, Mercedes-Benz plans to release the CLA Class fastback sedan starting in 2025.

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Mercedes-Benz unveils "the electric future of desire"

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