The Romanian Netflix movie that tells the story of the theft of the Dacian gold bracelets: intrigue, artifact trafficking and the truth about Romania’s treasures

Netflix has many interesting Romanian documentary films in its library. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look if you have a subscription to the streaming network.

One such documentary, from 2017, that’s worth watching is The Hunt for Transylvanian Gold. The Hunt for Transylvanian Gold, originally titled The Hunt for Transylvanian Gold, provides never-before-seen information about the networks trafficking artifacts on the international black market, treasure hunters, antiquities experts, arrested suspects, and the 13 recovered bracelets.

The quest for Dacian gold, the Romanian Netflix movie worth watching

So, in about 50 minutes, you’ll learn the story of the theft of the nearly two-thousand-year-old Dacian gold bracelets, worth $50 million, and the investigation that lasted more than a decade and spanned two continents: Europe and North America. The investigation was coordinated by Augustin Lazăr, then Prosecutor General at the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal.

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As authorities investigate the theft of a $50 million hoard, the threads of a spider’s web with far-reaching connections emerge: illicit international trafficking in archaeological artefacts.

For reference, 24 Dacian gold bracelets were discovered by treasure hunters in the Sarmizegetosa area. Of these, only 13 have been recovered.

The documentary is directed by Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu and the script is written by Tilman Remme and Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu. The documentary is a Kogainon Films (Boston) production, and the film crew had both Romanian and American members.

As I said, Netflix has many Romanian films. Other films you can watch are Ghinionistul, Mirciulică or the comedy Nunți, baptisuri, inmormântări.

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Romania’s film industry seems to have gained impressive momentum again, as many of the films released lately manage to reach the “sold out” stage. The first title to generate a frenzy among Romanian cinephiles recently was the film “Team Building”.

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