I used to hate wristwatches, but now I wear an Apple Watch 7

The meaning behind wristwatches has never opened up to me. You can find out the time almost everywhere, since the mobile phone age anyway, and the bracelet has always bothered me. Worse still: In summer you sweat underneath, ugh! I don’t care about status symbols and I didn’t care about the design aspect. So why tie a chronometer to your wrist?


I’m a gout patient, I also have hemochromatosis (iron storage disease) and high blood pressure on top of that – you just don’t inherit anything clever. I have to take medication, pay attention to my movement, health and body values. How are you supposed to reconcile that?

It was my good friend Dennis who kept raving about his Apple Watch to me. He himself is an Apple fan and I have it as partying but in the end he was fortunate enough to convince me to buy one myself – and I even did something that very few people do: changed health insurance.

If everything goes as it should, I’m happy. You don’t usually question your own health insurance, but a smartwatch costs a lot. I found a seller who gave me 300 euros for the watch. So switching health insurers was a no-brainer (and is a good tip for anyone considering getting a smartwatch for themselves).

Why a smartwatch?

Not because of the time, that much was clear. Monitoring movement, tracking sleep, reminding me to move, remembering my medication and checking my heart rate, those were my conditions. First and foremost, the purchase of a smart watch was due to my health and I didn’t want to do things by halves.

When the pills are due, the watch vibrates.

When the pills are due, the watch vibrates.

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And why Apple?

I’m not an Apple supporter. I don’t own a Mac and apart from an iPhone I don’t have any previous experience (the powerful Apple AirPods 2 Pro came after the clock). Apart from personal testimonials, the Apple Watch 7 simply performed best in tests. But there was another feature that convinced me: Gamification.

I love statistics. How many steps did I walk? How well did I sleep? Really great, but what’s special about Apple’s smartwatch: you close the rings to move them. This kind of gamification makes it easier for me to move. Ring is closed means in my case namely: release of dopamine.

Colorful rings and dots make tracking easier.

Colorful rings and dots make tracking easier.

How have I changed?

It’s small steps, but Apple’s Watch 7 made me exercise more. As a rule, I ride my bike twice a week and go for a half-hour walk almost every day at noon, after all there are medals for that! So I’m more active.

I also sleep better. Through sleep tracking, I found out how long I sleep deeply, how much more sleep I need, and so on. Ultimately, this has a positive effect on my whole life.

I also use Apple Pay. I don’t like to change the system for things that have worked for decades, like card payments, but just holding the watch to the reader is so much more convenient. No more fingering out your wallet. Comfort wins here.

NFC regulates: Register the watch in the Apple Wallet, the rest runs automatically.

NFC regulates: Register the watch in the Apple Wallet, the rest runs automatically.

Also, I don’t have my cell phone in my hand as often. I get important messages on the clock and can still decide there whether I have to reply immediately or later. This way I can organize my time more effectively without being constantly on my cell phone.

Those were just the most important comfort functions, I control a lot more via the watch: Spotify, create watch faces, log medication intake, set appointments and reminders, set an alarm. The list is long.

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But now: style is important

I like to show what inspires me, otherwise I wouldn’t have an expensive full-sleeve tattoo on my left arm from a manga series that has been running for over 35 years. Of course, this can also be applied to the watch – and by that I don’t just mean the multitude of bracelet variations.

Watchfaces, folks. I don’t have to have a crappy dial, cool changing liquid metals, or butterflies. I want something personal. So I made my own dials with things I like almost like a flexible tattoo. Depending on the mood and style, I change the dial. That may only be a small thing, but it emotionalizes the watch for me personally.

But is a smartwatch worth it now?

no A smart timepiece is a pure luxury item. The Apple Watch 7 doesn’t do anything that I can’t do with my cell phone – and yet I don’t want to miss them anymore.

It makes everyday life easier. The watch thinks about medication for me, it reminds me of appointments, I can use it to pay or just send a quick WhatsApp message. It wakes me up and rewards me when I’ve done a good sport, I enjoy the design and the new watch faces. Yes, sometimes I even use it as a flashlight.

You don’t need a smartwatch and it doesn’t have to be from Apple either, but it makes life easier and, in my case, even healthier.

Our colleague Patrick has been wearing an Apple Watch since the first generation. He switched to a Samsung model for 3 months. His article about 8 missing functions also proves that the watches are far from perfect.

Watches are a status symbol, especially when they say Rolex. What are you actually wearing on your wrist? Are you a watch wearer? If yes, why? Perhaps you will learn from my findings and try out a model as a watch refuser. If so, then feel free to exchange ideas in the comments.

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