The Romanian film on Netflix that won a bunch of awards: you should have seen it already

In case you thought Romanian cinema was limited to communist films or, more recently, Teambuilding and Romina, VTM, Romanian filmmakers offer something for everyone, as you’ll learn below.

If you haven’t yet seen the Romanian film Completely Unknown, maybe it’s time to get that sorted, since the film is currently available on Netflix – so if you have an account on the streaming platform and feel like you’ve already found the end of it, here’s a great idea for a quiet evening where you’ll have the opportunity to laugh your mouth off, but also be saddened, at times, by the very well-crafted script.

Completely Unknown, the Romanian film that was adapted from the famous and acclaimed Perfetti Sconosciuti

Completely Unknown uses the same script you’ve already seen in Perfetti Sconosciuti and, despite the fact that there’s nothing original about it, Octavian Strunilă’s adaptation manages, in a peculiar way, to make its place in the category of good Romanian films.

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Incidentally, this script has been used, over time, in more than 17 other films, beyond the first version, the Italian one.

In the film you will see Anca Dumitra and Leonid Doni (known, in particular, for their roles in Las Fierbinți), but also Andreea Grămoșteanu, Alex Conovaru, Ada Galeș, Gabriel Răuță, Adrian Ștefan, Catia M. Tănase or Paul Ipate.

Completely Unknown was released in 2021 and, in a first instance, ran on big screens in the country.

Subsequently, the film managed to attract the attention of film critics in our country, managing, among other things, to be nominated even at the Gopo, on account of the categories “best debut film”, “best actress in a leading role in a fiction feature film” and “best debut film (feature film)”, in last year’s edition.

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