The new generation of E Ink panels can display videos

E Ink technology has always had some advantages over LCD or OLED. Text looks more natural, similar to paper, while power consumption is low, thanks to the ability of the image to remain printed on the screen without consuming power. However, it also has limitations that prevent E Ink panels from being adopted on many types of displays, especially when it comes to moving content. It seems that a new generation of e-ink, called Kaleido 3, now even allows video playback, which could lead to a revolution in portable devices.

Kaleido 3 is the name of the new E Ink technology

Kaleido 3 is the next step towards E Ink screens with higher refresh rates and better colors. These panels enhance the Kaleido Plus technology, launched in 2020, by improving color saturation by 30%. However, the screens are still limited to 4,096 colors, but they will be faster and display more intense colors. These upgrades may be enough to encourage the development of more tablets with color e-ink screens, for example.

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E Ink says these panels will be available in three sizes: 7.8 ”diagonal for small portable devices, 10.3” diagonal for larger models, and 13.3 ”diagonal for tablets with very large screens. big. They also have improved lighting, which does not use so much blue light, to be more comfortable to use in low light, without resorting to “night” lighting, which changes color tone to a shade of yellow.

Of course, the technology developed by E Ink will not soon replace LCDs or OLEDs, but it will offer better alternatives for those who are interested in more comfortable and more autonomous reading devices. There are already multiple devices with E Ink screens designed to take notes with a stylus, such as the reMarkable tablet and the new Huawei MatePad Paper tablet. If they used a new Kaleido 3 screen, they could be closer to the functionality of a regular tablet.

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source: Gizmodo

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