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The most reliable engines: cars with high strength


The most used engines in the European car industry are the 4 and 3 cylinder engines in line, but there are also 6 cylinders in line or V6. However, the best engine is the 6-cylinder in-line.

The most reliable, powerful, durable, balanced, easy to maintain and well located is the inline 6-cylinder engine, L6 (i6, l6). This is a very balanced engine with pistons working in pairs.

These cars with 6-cylinder engines have long hoods, like BMW models. The engine is in the longitudinal direction and the traction is in the rear. This is a classic car projection.

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In terms of cost, comparing a 6-cylinder engine with a V6, for example, allocates less manpower because it takes less time to operate. The simpler the engine, the more reliable it is.

Which is the best

If we take into account the weight, the number of parts, the in-line 6-cylinder engine is better than a V6.

The in-line 6-cylinder engine equips BMW, Mercedes-Benz, new Mazda models, but also older cars made by Nissan and Toyota.

A single-turbine diesel engine is more reliable than a multi-turbine engine. These 2.5-liter, 3-liter engines, if properly maintained, can run hundreds of thousands of miles without problems.

  1. Honda, 0.29%, 1 of 344 cars
  2. Toyota, 0.58%, 1 of 171 cars
  3. Mercedes-Benz, 0.84%, 1 out of 119 cars
  4. Volvo, 0.90%, 1 in 111 cars
  5. Jaguar, 0.98%, 1 out of 103 cars
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A new study suggests that some of the problems with electric cars today may not make them more reliable than combustion-engined vehicles. Owners of petrol or diesel vehicles report fewer problems than owners of electric vehicles in the first four years of use, according to a new survey by the consumer group Which?

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