Sunday morning Monopoly game ended with a samurai sword fight –

We’ve all experienced a Monopoly game that got out of hand. But this latest case that occurred Sunday morning in Brussels took that a step further. For as Sky News has reported, a Monopoly game held in the early hours resulted in a samurai sword fight in which two people were injured, one of whom is said to be in critical condition.

The incident reportedly occurred after residents of a home became aggrieved with four people playing the board game on the sidewalk outside their home at 5 a.m. on Sunday. After a man tried to get the Monopoly players to leave, his son left the house with a samurai sword, causing an altercation in which one of the Monopoly players was injured along with the son after they ended up arguing and fighting over the weapon with blade.

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After both were arrested and taken to the hospital, it has been said that the Monopoly player has already been released from the hospital, but that the son is currently in “a life-threatening condition” is in and that the sidewalk where the incident took place was left covered with blood and Monopoly cards.

Sunday morning Monopoly game ended with a samurai sword fight

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