The Merge: Ethereum Merger Live Update | 08:50 – Ethereum Merger Officially Completed

Ethereum (ETH) is heading towards what is arguably the most significant upgrade in the history of the crypto-currency industry. According to the schedule, the major upgrade will take place around 6:30 a.m. on September 15.

According to Ethereum, the merge is taking place with extensive testing and bug bounties to ensure a safe transition to proof of stake.

08:50 – Ethereum merger officially complete

The Ethereum (ETH) merge is officially complete, and the merge progress has reached 100%. The current block height is 15537393.

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08:42 – What is The Merge?

10:00 AM – ERC-20 to be launched in 2011

Deposits and withdrawals for the Ethereum network (ERC-20) will be suspended one hour before the Merger occurs. At the time of the announcement, the total terminal difficulty value is 587500000000000000000000000.

Ethereum Price

In the market, prior to the Ethereum merger, ETH is trading at an average price of $1611, at press time.

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