iPhone users are adopting iOS 16 slightly faster than iOS 15. Version 14 was more popular

Apple on Monday night released the new iOS 16, which is available on all phones from the 8/X series and up. Many phones from the 6S and 7 ranges were left behind, but we’re still talking about a large user base that can apply Apple’s newest software update from day one. It seems though that interest in iOS 16 isn’t extremely high, especially compared to older versions, but at least it’s better received than iOS 15.

Apparently iOS 16 isn’t extremely popular among iPhone users

A market survey by Mixpanel reveals that iPhone users have not necessarily rushed to update their phones. Most likely, many are waiting to see if there’s cause for concern, as older versions, such as iOS 13, were extremely problematic in the run-up to release and were only “fixed” a few months later.

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In the first 24 hours, 6.71% of iPhone users had already switched to the new iOS 16, a percentage only slightly higher than iOS 15 adoption a year ago during the same period (6.48%). In comparison, iOS 14, which was a slightly more significant update, was installed on day one by 9.22% of users worldwide.

This performance is surpassed by iOS 16 only after the first three days. By the end of yesterday, the OS was on 11.72% of active Apple phones, while iOS 15 reached 9.68% of users in the same period. iOS 14 is again proving more popular, with 14.68% of devices after the first 72 hours of availability.

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The truth is that the big new feature Apple introduced on the new iOS is the customizable lock screen, which allows you to change the font and color for the clock, something that doesn’t make a huge difference in usability. There would also be the widgets on the home screen and the style in which notifications are displayed, from bottom to top, but for the most part, we’re talking about a minor upgrade. Still, we expect that after a few months, most iPhone users will be on the latest version of iOS.

source: mixpanel

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