Ukraine claims Russian Army suffers “significant damage on a daily basis” amid counter-offensives

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said Wednesday that the Russian Army is suffering “significant damage on a daily basis” amid counter-offensives launched by Ukrainian forces in several regions of the country, before adding that over the past 24 hours 350 Russian servicemen have been killed in combat.

“The Russian Army suffers significant losses of personnel every day and tries to compensate for them in various ways. The military leadership is still looking for those who want to fight among prisoners, especially in colonies in the Tula region,” he denounced, before pointing out that the Russian authorities “promise convicts to erase their criminal record in exchange for three months of service.”

He also stressed that “the defense forces successfully repelled enemy attacks in the areas of Spirne, Mayorsk, Odradivka, Vesela Dolyna, Vodyane, Avdiivka, Bezimenne and Novohrihorivka settlements,” while announcing the destruction of two airplanes, a helicopter and a drone.

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“The enemy continues to focus its efforts on attempts to fully occupy the Donetsk region, hold the captured territories and disrupt the active actions of our troops in certain areas. Attacks on positions of our units on the contact line. The enemy tries to take measures to regroup its troops in various directions,” he noted.

On the other hand, he has put at “about 53,650” the number of Russian servicemen killed in combat since the beginning of the war and added that 2,180 battle tanks, 1,290 artillery systems, 167 anti-aircraft defense systems and 311 self-propelled and armored multiple rocket launchers have also been destroyed.

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In this line, he has stated that 246 aircraft, 215 helicopters, 908 drones, 15 vessels, 3,501 vehicles and fuel tanks and 120 pieces of special equipment have also been destroyed, while 233 cruise missiles have been shot down since the beginning of hostilities, which broke out on February 24 on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The Russian enemy suffered the heaviest losses over the past day in the direction of Kharkov and Donetsk,” he has said. “Hit the occupier. Let’s win together. Our strength is in truth,” the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has concluded.

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