The leader of the coup plotters launches a “road map” to “return to constitutional normality” in Burkina Faso

MADRID, Jan. 28 (Royals Blue) –

Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, president of the Patriotic Movement for Salvation and Restoration (MPSR), responsible for the coup in Burkina Faso on Monday, announced this Thursday a “road map” to return to “constitutional normality” in the country.

“I affirm my commitment and that of the entire MPSR to always stand in the way of any attempt to divert the process of rebuilding our nation, called by the people of all their wishes for almost a decade,” he said in his first appearance on television after the coup that overthrew the president, Marc Roch Christian Kaboré.

In this sense, he has stressed that he will launch “a roadmap” that will have the objective of “planning and carrying out the recovery” and has advanced that consultations are being carried out, including with “personalities of the outgoing regime”, to “identify the guidelines that lead, in the long term, to consensual and inclusive decisions”.

“Our ambition is none other than to federate all the energies of our country to lay the foundations for a new Burkina Faso, stripped of the tinsel of political maneuvering at odds with the new aspirations of our people,” he stressed, as stated Infowakat.

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Likewise, he pointed out that the “priority” continues to be security for the “gradual return” of the Public Administration and the resettlement of internally displaced persons: “We need to significantly reduce the areas under terrorist influence and the impacts of violent extremism”.

For this reason, Damiba has appealed to all components of the security forces to “defend the homeland”: “In unity and cohesion, and with the support of all the people of Burkina Faso, I have faith that we will overcome this challenge”.

He has also asked the international community to support the country so that it can emerge from the crisis and resume “as quickly as possible” its march towards development.

“I understand the legitimate doubts that this rupture of the normal functioning of the State raises, but I would like to assure all the friends of Burkina Faso that the country will continue to respect its international commitments, in particular with regard to Human Rights”, he stressed. .

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Finally, he has said that the return to normality “will require great individual and collective efforts”, as well as “putting aside personal interests to give way to the interests of all”, something that will lead, in the end, to “improving governance at all levels.”

The coup d’état came after a military mutiny on Sunday in protest at insecurity and the lack of means to deal with jihadism, which is why the soldiers demanded the resignation of Kaboré and other high-ranking members of the security forces.

The mutiny took place about two weeks after the authorities announced the arrest of eight soldiers, including a commander, in connection with an alleged plot to “destabilize” the country’s institutions. They also suspended access to Facebook last week for unspecified security reasons.

The African country has generally experienced a significant increase in attacks since 2015. These, the work of both the Al Qaeda affiliate and the Islamic State affiliate in the region, have also contributed to increasing inter-community violence and have made that self-defense groups flourish.

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