Moonfall, another disaster film: what makes it different from others

Co-writer and director Roland Emmerich claims that his new production, “Moonfall”, would be different from his other films, in which we can see disasters (more or less natural).

The upcoming sci-fi movie tells a rather terrifying story in which the Moon is shot down from its orbit by an unknown force and heads for Earth. In an effort to save the planet from complete destruction, astronauts Jocinda “Jo” Fowler and Brian Harper must team up with conspiracy theorist KC Houseman to determine why the moon has changed course, while finding out a dark secret.

Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson are the main actors in the cast of “Moonfall”. They are joined by John Bradley, who replaced Josh Gad at the last minute. We can also see Michael Peña, who replaced Stanley Tucci, the latter being limited by the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. The film also stars Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu and Donald Sutherland.

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The start of filming was announced for the first time in early 2019, when it was also announced that Emmerich would direct and handle both the screenplay. Together with his team, he got a budget of 140 million dollars, which makes “Moonfall” one of the most expensive movies of the last period.

One more week until the release of “Moonfall” in theaters

With many production delays underway, “Moonfall” was launched in October 2020 and completed three months later. The film will be released in theaters in February.

Just one week before the release of “Moonfall”, Emmerich talked about the new production. Reflecting on his career, which focused on the niche of “disasters” (figuratively, of course), he made a comparison between the current production and those before it, claiming that it would be, by far, much different.

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What’s different? This time the disaster is related to the Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon, and not necessarily to a disaster that is taking place on our planet, says the director, broadly speaking. It is up to each cinephile to decide whether or not this is a difference worth considering.

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