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The extraordinary news of the moment for all drivers in Romania. The price of RCA has dropped sharply, which companies have become cheaper, by how much


After prices on the RCA market exploded in the context of the bankruptcy of City Insurance, several large insurance companies take drivers and insurance brokers by surprise and apply significant reductions in RCA rates.

Thus, the RCA prices have decreased by 10%, up to 20%, at some of the most important insurance companies in Romania, which together manage the portfolios of at least 3.5 million drivers, according to Economica data. In the context of the bankruptcy of City Insurance, prices had reached an average increase of 50% and growth peaks of up to 100% in the case of trucks, for example, or young drivers driving cars with large engines.

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Reason for joy for drivers: RCA cheaper

Euroins, Groupama, Omniasig and Generali operated on average 15%. As a reference, Euroins is the absolute market leader, with about 40% of total RCA sales at the end of 2021. Groupama also marked a recovery in this segment, after the bankruptcy of City, reaching a market share of 15- 20%, being the third in the field, as sales.

As for Omniasig, it has stagnated in this segment in the last year. Generali has not been interested in RCA for years, its market share being very low.

Also in the attention of drivers, we remind you that the 2022 Road Code has been amended. After months of rumors and speculations about the changes suffered by drivers in Romania, the 2022 Road Code has been voted. The penalties are harsh, and seemingly trivial traffic gestures will be fined.

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Traffic aggression leads to easily preventable road accidents. For this very reason, the new Traffic Code includes harsh penalties for harassment in traffic, aggressive driving or unwarranted flashes. Not infrequently, these gestures will lead to the suspension of the driving license and, implicitly, of the right to drive on public roads. However, the list of recently adopted changes is even longer and can be consulted here.

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