The end of watching YouTube ad-free without a subscription? Nasty anti-adblock detected

Will YouTube soon crack down on ad blockers?  (Image source: PixabayTymonOziemblewski)

Will YouTube soon crack down on ad blockers? (Image source: Pixabay/TymonOziemblewski)

Anyone who watches YouTube without an ad blocker will be familiar with the following scenario: Even before the desired video starts, there is advertising and a subtle reference to the in-house premium update, which can be used to bypass it.

And in the video itself there is a commercial break every five minutes. Not least because of this, many users resort to ad blockers.

However, the first indications have now emerged that YouTube is trying to take tougher action against ad blockers. The Reddit user Reddit_n_Me recently received the following message:

(Image source; RedditReddit_n_Me)

(Image source; Reddit/Reddit_n_Me)

As a result, YouTube grants him three more videos before the player is blocked. The reason given is that it looks like he’s using an ad blocker.

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He is also prompted to either whitelist YouTube in the ad blocker (i.e. allow advertising) or to deactivate it completely. Mentioning premium account to bypass ads is mandatory.

Reddit_n_Me seems to be (still) an isolated case. If it is not a fake message, YouTube should probably only play it out to a test group and see how they react to it.

In the comments, however, the displeasure is great, many accuse the company of implicit greed, such as user birazacele:

This is important to her [Anmk. d. Red.: YouTube]to make a few hundred billion more dollars.

Opinion: point of contention advertising

Without wanting to take sides with YouTube, but to a certain extent we are moving in a negative spiral. The more users resort to an adblocker, the more advertising is played out for the few users who still do without it, and so on.

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Advertising plays a central role in being able to offer content for free. This is not only the case for YouTube and its many content creators. However, YouTube should also be careful not to overdo it with advertising.

Last but not least, I would like to point out once again that the case described here is initially an isolated case. It is not clear whether YouTube is really and immediately starting to take action against the use of adblockers.

how do you see it? Can YouTube be accused of protecting its interests? Or do you see it like some of the Reddit users? Write it to us in the comments!

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