Rock your workplace with these gadgets!

The corona protection measures expired on April 7th – and you are desperately looking for those gadgets that can be used in the home office that make your everyday work more comfortable, healthier or simply more fun?

Then your search is over now. Maybe at least. Because: The following are four freaky tech gadgets that you can use to kick and box your boring everyday screen life (quite literally)!

Follow me into the wonderfully crazy world of home office gadgets if you like!

1. Rabbit Ear Wire Spools

What are Rabbit Ears Cable Spool Winder Clips? Admittedly: a long word (very long!) for a simple cable holder with an Easter bunny look.

Yes, of course: The long Easter weekend has already been torn down, the Easter nests have been plundered down to the last chocolate egg – but still: If the cuteness-o-meter doesn’t turn out to the maximum in view of the motley cable sorting aid with Mümmelmann ears, a handful can Stuffing nougat eggs in your mouth (for a manicured dose of endorphins).

What can the rabbit ear clips do? The pieces are approximately 2.3 centimeters wide and (from the end of the foot to the tip of the ears) 2.6 centimeters high. With adhesive pads on both sides, you attach the rabbit ears to your tabletop, the dashboard of your car, or wherever else charging cable management is required.

cost point: Available for 5 euros and up.

Would I get rabbit ear clips? Outside the Easter period: no? On the other hand: In order to master the general, cable-bound clutter, I also (and especially) cable aids with Easter bunny-related cuteness overkill are fine with me.

The next Easter will definitely come. Then there are rabbit ear clips (as a bonus to the sugar and batter Easter lamb). A fluffy gift idea?

2. Desk punching ball

What is the desk punching ball? If you are looking for an outlet to let your aggression out in a home office, or simply want to bring physical exercise to your desk, it could be worth putting the desk punching ball in your shopping cart.

The punching ball could also be worth a click for active boxing fans who want to pursue their hitting hobby from the comfort of their desks – and of course a well-groomed punch. In plain words: The desk punching ball is a miniature version of a standard punching ball.

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What can the desk punch ball do? According to the manufacturer, the mini sports device can be easily attached to the desktop with a suction cup. The PVC leather ball – just waiting for you to take a hit – sits on a steel spring that cushions your fists, slaps and other fisticuffs.

A small air pump is included in the scope of delivery, with which the anti-aggression station can be securely attached to your tabletop. At least that’s what the manufacturer says.

cost point: almost 35 euros

Would I get the desk punching ball? Personally, I rarely feel the urge to slap anyone or anything. However, I find the idea of ​​physically exhausting yourself with the help of the punching ball and, so to speak, a boxing quickie in everyday office life, appealing to me.

Not quite as appealing as simply hopping straight to a boxing studio after work to be introduced to the delicate art of gloved punches by a drill coach. But at least.

3. Cell Phone Jail

What is Cell Phone Jail? Are you constantly hanging out on your smartphone, practicing professional Doom Scrolling, or constantly imagining your cell phone is ringing – even though there is no one who wants to contact you?

If the above points apply to you, it may be worth putting your cell phone, your smartphone, your mobile device in the cell. I’m sorry, what? Yes, where petty criminals, small-time crooks and the criminal foursome The Daltons regularly end up, you can now also send your iPhone – namely: to jail. More precisely: Into the Mobile Phone Prison!

Received ghost call? The phenomenon of imagining cell phone calls, although nobody has actually contacted you, really exists: If you like, read up whether you are affected by phantom vibration syndrome.

What can Mobile Phone Prison do? You can put a maximum of eight handsets in the miniature prison. A padlock with its two keys is also included.

The cage measures almost 19 by 19 centimetres, offers, in addition to a sparse wooden platform, no basic electricity supply – and the loving attention of the user also remains absent. But the mobile phone finally has time to think about why it is such a mean time waster.

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After the detention period, the part may flatter the user’s hand again.

cost point: Already available for 2.50 euros.

Would I get the Mobile Phone Prison? I find the idea of ​​being educational on my smartphone to be educationally valuable (especially for myself). And, of course, I would hand over one of the two keys to the social partner or another family member – but the other key: would probably end up in the change compartment of my wallet.

And that would open the door (and cell) again for smartphone-fueled tech escapades. Therefore: A mobile phone jail with a time lock would be more my thing.

4. Foot hammock

What is a foot hammock? What reads as a question of limited meaningfulness is somehow justified – because: What by the holy cannon barrel is a darned foot hammock?

Quite simply: Your finances don’t allow it to stretch a hammock between two palm trees in Costa Rica? Well, then for those of you there is now a gadget for the footwell, with which there are finally slacks (podologically, of course, not in the workflow).

In short: Yes, the foot hammock really does exist!

What can the foot hammock do? You attach the foot hammock to your desk using the screw clamps included in the scope of delivery.

Practical: One of the two screw clamps has a headphone holder on the back. A cute bonus, but not conducive to the official foot swing experience. The mat has a length of 23 centimeters – so apparently enough space, even for the clumsiest boxy feet.

cost point: About 20 euros.

Would I buy the foot hammock? Sure, 20 euros for such a foot sole gimmick is fiscally justifiable, but: If you are going to invest money, then rather in an official hammock – stretched between two stately Black Forest pines, while in the background the forester handles the chainsaws and the deer over the valleys roar, right?

Was there a toy for your workplace among these 4 just-for-fun gadgets – or do you already use some of the products presented above? What’s your gadget that has friends and family saying, “Who needs that?” – but you can’t do without the ingenious gimmick? Write your experiences in our comments!

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