4K drone with VR glasses almost €500 cheaper: You can fly this DJI drone from a first-person perspective

The DJI Avata Explorer Combo is currently 35% cheaper on Amazon!

The DJI Avata Explorer Combo is currently 35% cheaper on Amazon!

The dream of flying has been with people for a while. If you want to get a lot closer to this feeling of freedom, an FPV drone might be just the thing for you. Using glasses, similar to VR glasses, you take the perspective of the drone while flying and conquers the skies above you. thanks to the built-in 4K camera This also creates impressive photos of your most daring flight maneuvers, which you can then share with your friends.

You can currently get the DJI Avata cheaper than ever before on Amazon with a 35% discount, saving you over €400!

Conquer the skies with this heavily discounted FPV drone on Amazon

4K FPV Drone: Give you the real feeling of flying

Intuitive controls for effortless maneuvering

You no longer have to go through complicated manuals to control your drone. The DJI Avata makes flying child's play thanks to motion control. Simply take off and discover new horizons or fly fast turns with smooth movements of your wrist – The intuitive controls allow you to temporarily forget everything around you and concentrate completely on flying.

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Stabilized 4K video for stunning footage

The DJI Avata not only shines with its flying capabilities, but also with its impressive camera. The improved 1/1.7″ sensor, 155° field of view and industry-leading stabilization enable smooth 4K videowhich you can then present to your amazed friends.

Top-class transmission – HD live feeds up to 10 km away

Experience world-class broadcasting with sharp and responsive HD live feeds at a distance of up to 10 km thanks to DJI O3+ video transmission. This means you can literally see the world from a bird's eye view.

Compact and maneuverable – fly anywhere, anytime

With its light and compact design, the DJI Avata accompanies you everywhere. Flying between tight gaps and branches becomes child's play with this drone. This is how you do it after a short period of getting used to it the most spectacular flight maneuversthat normal camera drones can only dream of.

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Of course, no master has fallen from heaven yet, which is why the DJI Avata is not just about stable rotor guards has. Also included in delivery are: lots of spare parts included, so that one or two mishaps can happen to you while practicing without your flight time coming to an end prematurely.

When flying, be sure to follow all local laws and regulations. Throughout Germany Things such as compulsory insurance, mandatory identification, minimum age and airspace restrictions apply. The The EU then still has its own ruleswhich you of course also have to follow within Germany.

DJI RC Motion 2 remote control and DJI Goggles Integra

The DJI Avata is completed by the new DJI RC Motion 2 remote control and the DJI Goggles Integra. The glasses come with different lensesso that even people who wear glasses can enjoy a sharp image.

Conquer the skies with this heavily discounted FPV drone on Amazon

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