This electric bike is integrated with ChatGPT –

Electric bicycle manufacturer New Urtopia has unveiled its latest project, a bicycle integrated with ChatGPT, among other things. The bike, known as the Chord, is a pedal bike with an electric motor that can run a range of 120 km on a full charge. But the battery and electric motor are not the unique part of this gadget, as the Chord also comes with a “custom smart partner” With which you can talk, use for navigation and more.

Essentially, the Chord has a touchscreen display on the handlebars that provides access to GPS, fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth music, voice control and more, meaning you don’t have to have your phone handy to use similar features while cruising on this bike.

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The Chord bike also has a removable battery that can run 360 W/h, so you should never really run out of juice to keep your ChatGPT bike buddy running.

For all these modern features, it’s worth noting that the Chord (and the slightly larger Chord X) is an expensive bike, with the Chord costing €2,299.99. Still, it’s a fairly unique premise that may provide a glimpse into the future of how AI will be incorporated into more products.

This electric bike is integrated with ChatGPT
New Urtopia

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