The dogecoin has continued to rise throughout the week thanks to persistent speculation that it will be integrated into Twitter

Dogecoin has risen more than 24 percent over the past week on speculation that it could play a role in Musk’s Twitter plans.

Up from $0.08189 seven days ago, the meme currency was trading at $0.1031 on Thursday, up 24 percent, according to CoinGecko.

The crypto-currency, the world’s eighth-largest by market capitalization, broke the $0.1 mark on Tuesday night and has held steady since then, while unconfirmed speculation that Elon Musk might use it in his Twitter 2.0 plans remains alive.

The initial explosion came Sunday night, when Musk shared a slide deck on Twitter outlining his plans for the platform.

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One of the slides shows a “payments” section, but has no images or other information about what the Tesla founder wants to see happen.

Whether they amount to anything or not, the latest rumors have helped make Dogecoin one of the best performers of the week in the crypto markets, with the largest weekly gain of any of the top 50 digital currencies.

The only currency that comes close to that performance is Huobi, the token issued by the exchange of the same name, which has risen 22 percent in the past seven days after announcing its strategic partnership with Poloniex.

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In the early days of his takeover bid, Musk hinted at the idea of using Dogecoin in a payment system for the social media site, although, as with many statements made by the new Twitter owner, it was unclear whether he was joking.

The billionaire has long had a penchant for Dogecoin, and his various public statements about it have led to significant fluctuations in its price.

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