The Catalan medical union is preparing a large mobilization that it considers “unpostponable”.

The main medical union in Catalonia, Metges de Catalunya (MC), prepares a large mobilization which already considers that it is “unpostponable” in the face of an “untenable” situation of the health system.

The union presented last November 17 at the. Parliament 54,344 signatures of citizens demanding to improve public healthcare. and already warned then of a possible strike.

The heads of the trade union organization are going to specify this Monday morning the scope and schedule of this great mobilization.

MC considers that the health system is undergoing a “unprecedented decapitalizationThe “serious risk” to the continuity of the public service, which suffers from “enormous problems” of accessibility and a “serious risk” to the “unattainable waiting lists“.

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The promise of the conseller de Salut, Manel BalcellsThe plan to increase by one billion euros the health items in the next Generalitat’s budget for 2023, if finally approved by the Parliament, has not calmed the concerns of MC, which continues with its will to organize a mobilization.

A protest which could coincide with a time of high pressure on care, when the following came together bronchiolitis, influenza and covid epidemicswhich further highlighted the lack of resources and personnel in health centers.

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