Avatar 2 in cinemas: why ‘Path of Water’ is a huge test for 2022 box office

Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters in the 2022 holiday season, and the lasting implications of its box office performance are huge.

Avatar: The Way of Water will be a true test of the box office and the state of cinema filmmaking. James Cameron’s long-awaited continuation of the Avatar franchise has taken over a decade to get everything in place for his next extremely special effects-heavy adventure on Pandora. However, everything that’s been shown so far for Avatar 2 looks like it will prove to be worth the wait, with the sequel hitting theaters on December 16 and three subsequent sequels planned through 2028, according to Screenrant.com.

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Avatar 2, an enigma

While many elements are based on the box office performance of Avatar 2, the film is an even more unusually significant release because of what it might reveal about box office trends. Avatar 2 is being released at a time when cinemas are still recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the cinema landscape has changed a lot since Avatar, cinemas in general are facing much more uneven business. All of this makes Avatar 2’s box office performance a kind of crystal ball for the potential future of cinemas and box office numbers.

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The long gap between Avatar and Avatar 2 has often been cited as the biggest obstacle to the latter’s box office prospects. The re-release of Avatar has verified its box office popularity and suggests that anticipation for Avatar 2 is indeed strong. Even with these factors on Avatar 2’s side, the impact of pandemics, inflation and a general trend of declining cinema attendance could ultimately prove that the first Avatar struck box office gold at the perfect time and cannot be repeated.

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