The bridge collapsed with lies, sectarians with black Dacians stealing children or the “temple of miracles” – the greatest urban fantasies and myths in Romania

The bridge collapsed by lies or sectarians with black Dacians kidnapping children are just two of the urban myths circulating in different cities of the country. Find out the most famous legends of Romanian cities.

The collapsed bridge and the abducted children are among the few urban legends

Legends are everywhere, wherever you go in this world. Depending on how superstitious people are, they can linger in the collective memory for a long time. Here are the most famous urban legends in our country and how they were born.

The place in Ialomita where Ceausescu was allegedly hidden

The stories that have traveled from one generation to the next continue to shake the locals, and some of them even attract tourists. In Ialomița, for example, there is a legend that the owner of the famous local “Privighetoarea” was accused of hiding Nicolae Ceaușescu before he was executed in Târgoviște.

The human skeleton donated to Aiud

Also, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Aiud, in one of the windows there is a human skeleton that is said to have belonged to a guard of the “Gabriel Bethelm” College. According to legend, the man cared so much about the College that in his will he wrote that his skeleton be donated to the Museum.

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The padlock house in Arad

In Arad, the “Padlock House” was built in 1815 and renovated three decades later. Tourists who arrive there always look for the key because, according to the legend, the one who manages to unlock the house is also the one whose property will remain.

Soap made in Bacau

In the case of Bacău, the oldest myth has been circulating since the time of the Second World War. It is said that the German soap was made from the fat of Jewish corpses. Some also claim that part of the soap was buried in the cemetery at the exit of the city.

The meteorite that fell in Oradea

A legend from Oradea says that the place where the Children’s Town is built would have been born in a strange way, namely, a large meteorite landed in Oradea, in the Rogerius neighborhood. After the Children’s Hospital was built in 1960, the authorities covered the hole with concrete, making the place a children’s playground.

The horror orphanage in Bucharest

In Bucharest, several urban legends have emerged over time. For example, a house that was once an orphanage and is located on French Street, is haunted by the spirits of 203 children. The children of the street were brought here, and the owner kept the children in inhumane conditions.

The Temple of the Bears in Brașov

Brasov is not missing from the list of urban legends either, so it is said that after you reach the Temple of the Bears, the fatigue disappears miraculously, and the human body is invaded with energy. It is also said that all who enter the temple are healed of diseases.

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Sectarians from Cluj who kidnapped children

In Cluj, it is said that Avram Iancu was the participant in a scandal in the city center or that King Matthias was whipped when he entered the city to see how people live. In Resita in the 70’s and 80’s, children were told not to stay out until late because sectarians with black Dacians came and kidnapped their children to steal their blood.

Overdue in Iasi

In Iasi there is the legend of the “Gang of arrears”, and many students avoid that area. In the past, this place was known as Casa Conachi, and the vaulted building on Carol I Boulevard is bypassed by students who climb Copoului Hill.

Baia Mare has “Black Angels”

In Maramureș it is said that in the past there was the organization “Black Angels” who dealt with the abduction of children and their transformation into followers of the group. The “Black Angels” hid under bridges or in the sewer in Baia Mare, and at night they roamed the streets to find new children.

Sibiu Bridge of Lies

In Sibiu, one of the most famous tourist attractions is also the basis of an urban myth. The Bridge of Lies was built in 1860 and it is said that this bridge has ears and supernatural power, so that with every lie told by someone, the bridge creaks, giving the impression of a liar that the bridge will collapse.

The Satanists of Alexandria

Somewhere at the exit of Alexandria are the ruins of a former mansion. It is said that this is where the Satanists meet, who, after nightfall, perform their rituals. Some also claim that this area is haunted by ghosts and that frightening things are happening inside the mansion.

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