The birth center of Can Ruti Hospital in Badalona attends 233 births in its first year

The birth center at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital of Badalona (Barcelonès), known as Can Ruti, has attended 233 deliveries in its first year of operation.announced Thursday in a statement. The space of attention to natural childbirth “similar to a home” has registered 70% of natural childbirths91% vaginal deliveries, 7% instrumented deliveries and 9.4% cesarean sections.

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Episiotomy had to be performed in 7% of deliveries (13% in first-time mothers) and. one in three women had to be transferred to the conventional delivery room.and the hospital has celebrated that it has “been improving the rates of low interventionism”.

Can Ruti set up this space, called the Casa Laietanafor to attend natural childbirths under conditions similar to those of a home, but with the security of being in a health care facility.

The center’s facilities are looking for look as much like a home as possible. and include two en-suite rooms; a birthing tub and large shower; a double bed for resting or use during labor or postpartum; refrigerator, microwave and some cooking utensils; mats and balls; a space for grab bars; and furniture of varying heights to promote mobility.

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