China tests an AI scanner that can measure Party loyalty, putting ‘infidels’ on a separate list

Building on the invention of researchers at Beijing’s Jiaotong University, the Chinese Communist Party now wants to measure people’s loyalty on a lie detector model, separating genuine enthusiasts from those who merely feign support for the current government.

Originally, the invention combining sensors used with lie-detecting machines and artificial intelligence algorithms was only supposed to detect brainwave fluctuations when the observed subject watches explicit content (e.g. pornography). Following reports of preliminary positive results, PPC activists diverted the project in an entirely different direction, aimed at accurately measuring party loyalty.

For the new purpose, the system would need minimal adjustments, the central element being the replacement of explicit pornographic-tinged content using other images designed to animate strongly patriotic sentiments. Monitored by sensors linked to a highly sophisticated computer system, those who do not feel strongly about supporting communist doctrine are automatically labeled as problem citizens, simultaneously confirming with scientific measurements the Party’s receptive activism to the usual propaganda methods.

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Sensing the sensitive nature of the experiment, party activists quickly removed the official study published on the university’s website, along with a video documenting the experiment conducted.

The video, which has since been deleted, apparently depicts the experience of a person watching content about the ruling party on a large screen, while sensors connected to the AI program measured their brainwaves to determine their reactions. The test included algorithms to interpret facial expressions and even the electrical response of the skin, with excessive sweating a valid indicator of lack of loyalty to the Party.

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