The Best Online Casino Games for Smart Players

When it comes to betting in an online casino, anyone can wager as long as you are of age. While some games are more lucrative than others, some are easier to play than others. Many people have linked game playing to personality and intelligence. Smart players are known to be better in some games than others. This post will discuss the best online casino games for smart players.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a common card casino game played by gamblers worldwide. This game involves competing against other players or the dealer. It isn’t a competitive game since you have nothing in common with others. Blackjack has a huge payout rate of 99.52%. All reliable online casinos always have a blackjack table because it’s a good game to make free cash.

The small house edge has made many people attracted to it because they are sure of making profits. What house advantages mean is the probability that you will make profits. This game has very simple rules and it’s easy to win. For smart people, it’s important to always master the techniques surrounding this game before staking on it.

One thing that makes this game popular is that it is easily accessible on all top casinos in India. You can find blackjack in Betway casino, bet 365, spin city, jackpot City and Leo Vegas. Players are allowed to make their own decisions based on their opponents, but to increase the chances of winning, learning blackjack strategies is crucial.

Online Craps

Craps is another player many smart people love to play. For beginners this game might be complicated but when you have a handle on it. Many it is believed that dice rolling is by chance, for many people this casino game can be worn by strategy. The key to this is figuring out what other players are playing.

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To play craps online, you can use online casino Canada platforms that offer very huge bonuses. These online casinos accept payment via Canadian dollars using the many payment methods available. For popular online casinos like 888 casinos, jackpot City and 1xbet, there are many craps versions to bet on. What makes this game attractive is that the results are instant and you can use play another round within seconds.

Online Baccarat

This card game also called Punto Banco has a huge probability ratio of 99.67%. With card games like this, they are easier to win because cards can be predicated easily. Smart players can learn this game quickly and make lots of gains. If you register with one of the popular betting sites, you will get casino bonuses to play this game. These bonuses include welcome bonus, free spins and casino rewards.

Players should always stake on the winning hand of the banker or bets in the game. Because of this, it has become popular, however, you have to be careful as the house edge is 1.25 which is a bit high.

Online Roulette

Online roulette is one of the common strategy games offered by many obi NE casinos. Roulette involves the rolling of colored balls to the desired numbers. This game has a low house edge and comes in various versions. The common versions of online roulette are American roulette and European roulette.

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These versions come with various advantages and disadvantages, so players choose the one that benefits them. It is better to play online roulette online than land-based. This is because there are better chances of success when staking with reputable casinos like Bodog and bet3365.

Online Slots

80% of online casino games are online slots. Online slots are easier to access than playing land-based slot machines. What attracts many smart people to this game is its design.

The design of online slots makes it easy to play. Moreover, the payouts of slot games are another advantage as the payouts are 1000x your stake. Many online slots now come with a theme which makes people relate to it easily. The best slot games are developed by software providers like:

  • IGT
  • evolution gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Amaya
  • Playtech.

Many casinos have more than 200 slot games with very high return-to-player percentages. Slots you can find online are classic slots, progressive slots, fruit, free slots and themed slots.


Keno is another popular casino game which is similar to lotteries. Players are expected to guess five or 6 numbers correctly from 1 to 80 numbers. All casinos have their payment known as pay tables. Gamblers are paid depending on how many numbers they guess correctly.

While guessing these numbers is by chance, smart people follow a trend which they think will benefit them. The best casinos offering keno always has an RNG which makes the numbers randomly.

We have discussed the best online casinos for smart players. This list isn’t exclusive, as there are more games which are offered by bookmakers that smart players wager on.

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