Lidl: Surprise in the current offer

Lidl will be selling a novelty gadget under its own Parkside brand this week, along with four other unusual products – stainless steel mug, bottle opener, insulated bag and workshop clock – which we’ve already written about.

6-in-1 Parkside pen.

A 6-in-1 pen will be available in the retail chain’s stores. It can be used in addition to writing:

– as a straight-head screwdriver,
– as a crosshead screwdriver,
– as a device for interacting with touch screens,
– as a boulder,
– as ruler (graduations in inches and centimeters).

The Parkside pen will cost about 15 lei. The price is very good. The similar model with the best rating available at eMAG, the Zola, is currently priced at 25 lei.

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Zola brand 6-in-1 multifunctional device sold by eMAG.

The device will be available in a single, black and stainless steel combination. The company doesn’t specify what kind of paste the pen uses, blue or black.

Photo:, eMAG

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