Tesla launches the product Apple failed to make: a “multi-device” wireless charger

Probably the biggest “fail” in recent Apple history is the announcement and then complete cancellation of AirPower, a wireless charger that was supposed to charge all Apple devices simultaneously, regardless of where they were placed on the surface. Apparently Apple’s engineers weren’t able to get past some of the challenges, especially when it comes to overheating the device, but Tesla is now coming up with a product that promises exactly what AirPower promised. But how did Tesla manage to develop this product better than Apple? It bought it from another company.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform can power three devices simultaneously

The new Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is a wireless charging cradle that can charge any Qi-charging equipped phone, no matter where it is positioned on the surface. This charger also works with wireless headsets and any other accessories that can charge via this technology.

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However, it seems that Tesla did not develop this product in their own labs, but bought the technology from a company called FreePower. This company found a way to integrate 30 wireless charging coils in such a way that they would not overheat during use. The charger is also well enough designed to connect your phone to one or more nearby coils to ensure charging at optimal power.

Tesla’s charger is made of metal and alcantara and features a sharp-angled design for a Cybertruck-inspired design. However, the color is black, not silver, as its pickup truck will be. Power is supplied at 65W from the socket, despite the fact that there are only three devices that could be powered at a maximum of 45W. As Qi technology has power losses during powering, more power is needed to ensure that the maximum possible power reaches the devices.

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Recently, the Tesla charger was also unveiled on the JerryRigEverything channel, where you can see the 30 coils stacked on top of each other and how they are connected to a complex motherboard. The only real downside to this product, however, is the price. Since it includes 30 times more charging coils than a regular wireless charger, it’s also about 30 times more expensive. While a ‘no-name’ wireless charger can cost as little as $10, Tesla’s charger costs $300.

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