Tesla cars called for service: over 130,000 units overheat. What risks do you expose yourself to?

If you are a Tesla user, no matter what country you travel to, it would be good to heed this warning from the largest electric car manufacturer in the world.

No less than 130,000 Tesla cars are being recalled for service due to overheating problems with the infotainment system. Basically, the generously sized tablet in the center of the machine can reach temperatures that become problematic. The first notice on the subject was published last week by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

What Tesla cars have problems

The recall in service targets the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X models that were launched in 2021 and 2022, but also the newest Model 3 and Model Y launched in 2022. They suffer from overheating of the infotainment system.

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According to the US agency, a software vulnerability has caused the processor in those systems to overheat when you are preparing to load your car or when you load it. Problems for the user arise when, due to the high temperature, the center console becomes slower or slower.

“A slow or restarted processor may not allow the center screen to display the video stream from the rear camera, speed selection, windshield visibility and headlights, increasing the risk of an accident,” the warning reads. NHTSA.

According to Reuters data on the subject, the recall in service covers about 130,000 cars. In the meantime, Tesla will also release a firmware update over the air, OTA, to address the issue detailed above. In the company’s May 4 statement, in which the first reference to this issue was made, the giant’s officials said they did not take into account any case of an accident caused by overheating of the infotainment system. To date, in 2022, Tesla has issued no less than 11 service recalls for various series of cars in its portfolio.

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