Sony “can’t fit in anymore” after Uncharted’s success in cinemas: what decision did the giant make

Following the absolute success of the “Uncharted” production in cinemas, in the first days after the official release, Sony rubs its palms of joy and, as proof, makes a decision that could be auspicious in the future .

Specifically, Sony is in a hurry to announce that “Uncharted” will become a franchise in the future. So, of course, in the years to come, we will be witnessing an “Uncharted 2” in the worst case scenario.

After years of trying to get an adaptation of the popular Naughty Dog video game series on the big screen, audiences have finally had the chance to watch the film in theaters, showing enthusiasm. as far as she is concerned.

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In “Uncharted”, Tom Holland, known to the public for “Spider-Man”, plays a younger version of the adventurer in the famous video game. The cast also includes Sophia Ali and Mark Wahlberg.

The launch of “Uncharted” has been severely delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by restrictions imposed by the authorities in this context. However, the wait ended last weekend, with the public witnessing the official launch of this production.

“Uncharted” grossed more than $ 50 million in the first weekend since its theatrical release

Although, according to initial estimates, the film should not have exceeded $ 30 million in terms of the first installment of cinematic revenue, here’s what happened that amazed everyone, so in Instead of 30, the film grossed more than $ 50 million. Of course, this amount has a real chance to increase considerably in the coming weeks, even if not at the same galloping pace.

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Following this success, Sony Pictures celebrated with success, calling the movie “Uncharted” franchise. Sony CEO Tom Rotham has sent a company-wide e-mail to celebrate box office figures for the film.

Also, “Uncharted 2” will become a reality, which will serve as a real lesson in “how to” for the Marvel giant, who seems to have been a little lazy lately.

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