Sonos is also preparing Sub Mini, a cheaper subwoofer for its soundbars

Just days after Sonos officially announced its new Ray soundbar, The Verge released new information about the company’s next major product. This is an affordable subwoofer, currently called the Sub Mini. which can be used by Sonos Ray and Beam users, who do not yet benefit from such an accessory at a price close to that of the soundbar. The current Sonos Sub subwoofer costs more than double the price of the Ray soundbar, and is designed to be used with Sonos Arc, the company’s premium soundbar.

Sonos Sub Mini could be the affordable solution that the brand’s fans have been waiting for

The Verge also published the first information and images about Sonos Ray, under the code name Fury, a few weeks ago. It seems that the sources of the American publication are reliable, and the first image with Sonos Mini is made on the basis of real photos, which Verge did not publish. The Sub Mini subwoofer is cylindrical in shape, unlike the existing Sub which is rectangular, but also has a hole that goes through its center.

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But I already knew that the shape of this speaker would be cylindrical, as even Sonos had a leak in its mobile application, where it listed this device before officially announcing it.

We don’t know yet what price the Sub Mini will have, but it will probably be lower or closer to that of the Sonos Ray, which starts at 1,500 lei in Romania. Even if they will be the cheapest products of the American company on the market for a subwoofer + soundbar system, together they will probably end up around 3,000 lei.

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Sonos devices are different from other soundbars on the market in that they are connected independently of other devices to the internet, and can play music from services such as Spotify without other connected devices. They can also be paired to create systems from various speakers in one or more rooms for simultaneous playback. All these smart components seem to add considerably to the price of these products, but the audio quality is also high, even if not at a “professional” or “audiophile” level.

source: The Verge

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