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Dacia’s victory in Europe that no one expected: what it has in common with Tesla and Hyundai


In the context of the semiconductor crisis and accelerated inflation across Europe, Dacia tends to be a very attractive brand for a significant percentage of the population. The interest is so great for the Mioveni manufacturer that it is approaching Tesla, Hyundai and other giants.

In the first phase, when Dacia Spring was launched, success was far from certain. It does not have the most impressive performance. At the same time, it is one of the cheapest on the market. In times of crisis, it has managed to make waves in Europe, and the giant from Mioveni is one of the few companies that has seen an increase in sales.

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The European car market led by Tesla, Hyundai and Dacia

While most of the giants have gone head to head in the last year, due to the semiconductor crisis and the inability to deliver new cars in a timely manner, Dacia is approaching 4% market share in Europe. Starting from the Jato Dynamics analysis, the local brand grew by 0.88% year on year. Over Dacia, the only brands with a market share advance of more than 1 percentage point were Kia (+1.5, from 3.55% to 5.05%), Tesla (+1.13, from 1, 03% to 2.15%) and Hyundai (+1.01, from 3.47% to 4.48%).

If we look only at the growth rate of Dacia – 0.88%, even Toyota was below – 0.81%, although the total market share is higher, 6.78% increase from 5.97%. In addition to the above exceptions, all other European brands have lost market share, mainly due to a lack of components and, implicitly, to the impossibility of delivering the cars ordered by customers.

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Peugeot, with a difference of over 7 percent, from 7.04% to 5.94% and Volkswagen, from 10.73% to 9.71%, fell the most. This is the first time in many years that Volkswagen has a market share of less than 10%. All in all, the interest is in electric cars, Tesla, Polestar or Volvo being the benchmark in 2022.

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