VanMoof launches surprisingly affordable S4 and X4 e-bikes

VanMoof launches surprisingly affordable e-bikes.  It's still not a little money.

VanMoof launches surprisingly affordable e-bikes. It’s still not a little money.

The S5 hasn’t been on the market for very long, and Dutch manufacturer VanMoof is already making two new e-bikes that are said to be significantly cheaper than their predecessors.

The cheaper S4 and X4 bikes are available for a price of 2198 euros – the bikes should be available from June. That’s a whopping 1,300 euros less than the S5 and A5 models, which are finally available about a year late.

That’s in the new VanMoof S4 / X4

The new VanMoof S4 in yellow.(Image: VanMoof)

The new VanMoof S4 in yellow.(Image: VanMoof)

Visually, the new bikes look like the S3 and X3 models and should probably be seen as successors.

The diamond-frame S4 ​​has 27.5-inch wheels, while the X4 is said to be smaller and therefore more manoeuvrable, with 24-inch wheels.

The larger of the two is intended for people between 1.70 meters and 2.10 meters in height. The X4 is suitable for people between 1.55 meters and 1.90 meters.

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The colors are new: The wheels are each available in light and dark green as well as purple and yellow.

The four color variants of the S4 and X4.  (Image: VanMoof)

The four color variants of the S4 and X4. (Image: VanMoof)

The technical data of the front hub motor are congruent with the S3. That means it can be pushed in four stages and has 250 watts.

The Boost button briefly provides a Maximum power of 59 Newton metersn. For comparison: The engine of the S5 and X5 brings it to 68 Newton meters.

The battery holds 478 watt hours and cannot be removed for charging. VanMoof specifies the charging time as four and a half hours, while half of the battery should be fully charged after one and a half hours.

So he gets one maximum range of 60 to 150 kilometers. However, this depends on the load and support level.

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The new two-speed automatic hub gear on the rear wheel has a shift point that is linked to the cadence. However, you have to do without a torque sensor like the S5 and A5.

The two models can be locked with the well-known kicklock by kicking your foot on a button on the rear axle. If someone still wants your bike, the alarm will go off and you will be informed via the app.

For just under 350 euros you can book a service for three years that will allow you to find your lost or stolen bike.

What do you think of the new models? Have you ever sat on an e-bike? Did you like it or do you prefer not to? If you already own one, please tell us which ones. Are you happy with it or is it time to order a VanMoof soon? As always, let us know your opinions and views in the comments!

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