Snapchat launches Pixy a “pocket” drone for quick pictures and videos. VIDEO

Snap Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, has announced its first drone equipped with a camera. It’s called Pixy and is one of the smallest drones on the market. In fact, the Snap Pixy drone category as we know it today is incorrect because you have no direct control over it. Snap rather made a flying camera, with limited capabilities, but which could be a fun tool for taking photos and videos for social networks.

Snap Pixy is a selfie drone

Just as Spectacles glasses from Snap didn’t offer the best photo or video quality, but they did ensure that you could have a camera with you at all times, with which to take quick photos, so Snap Pixy allows short filming on one of the four preset programs. .

Snap Pixy is a “drone” weighing only 101 grams, which is equipped with four engines, two cameras and a plastic case. The propellers of the engines are not free, so the “drone” is protected in case of an accident, while the propellers cannot endanger the people around them.

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But Pixy seems to be designed more as a point & shoot camera, unlike DJI drones, which require control with a dedicated remote control and some training to fully control them. For Pixy, simply select the desired program using a wheel similar to what we find on the cameras and press a button. The drone will recognize the person in the frame and make one of four movements: it can stand still, revolve around the subject, or follow you as you walk or run. The camera offers 2.7K resolution footage, but the materials shown by the company suggest that we will not see too high a quality of footage and photos.

Everything is recorded on the drone’s internal memory, and the transfer is done through the Snapchat Memories application. There is no SD slot, and the battery is recommended for 5 or 8 flights. Each flight lasts 10-30 seconds, depending on the program chosen. The battery can also be removed and replaced quickly with another battery. Snap also sells batteries separately.

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The drone is made to be easy to use

Interestingly, the only way to “land” is to reach under Pixy while flying, and it will land in your palm. There is also the possibility of “emergency” landing in the application. The app also allows you to edit materials by applying AR filters over them or special effects, similar to what the main Snapchat app offers, or Spectacles glasses.

Sales for Pixy will begin in the US and France on the company’s website, for starters, with deliveries scheduled for 3 months (July 2022). The price starts at 230 euros, for the basic package, or 250 euros for the package with two batteries. The box includes a power cord and a bumper with a strap, which can be used to carry a drone like a bag. The two-battery pack also comes with a special charger that powers both at the same time.

source: Android Police

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