Samsung is now offering replacement parts for the Galaxy S22 series through iFixit

Like Apple, Samsung last year started a repair program for its mobile devices, offering parts for sale through iFixit. However, Samsung appears to be using the same strategy as Apple and not offering parts for the current generation until after they are at risk of going out of the first year of warranty, at which point customers experiencing problems may want to buy parts to repair at home. Recently, Samsung added the Galaxy S22 series to its iFixit offering in anticipation of the S23 launch on February 1.

Those who want to repair their Galaxy S22 phone at home can order genuine parts

Samsung’s program only debuted in late summer, and only included Galaxy S20 and S21 models, along with Tab 7 series models. Now, however, Samsung is significantly expanding the repair program, with customers able to order the most commonly replaced parts for the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, along with parts for the 15″ Galaxy Book Pro laptop and Galaxy Book Pro 360 convertible model.

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One drawback to Apple’s program is that Samsung sells repair kits, not individual parts. So if you just want to change the battery, you’ll have to buy a kit with the screen. That’s because the two components are glued together with strong adhesive, which makes “separating” them quite risky. Also, the steps required for repair are quite complicated, as the phones are from the start designed to be repaired only in authorized service shops, just like Apple’s.

At least the prices for parts are a bit more affordable. For a Galaxy S22 screen and battery kit, Samsung charges US$167, and for a glass cover it charges $67. Apple offers iPhone 13 Mini screens in its program for $194, after the discount you get for returning the broken part, while the battery alone costs $70. The glass on the back can’t be ordered separately, as it’s bonded to the metal chassis, which is only serviceable.

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Source: The Verge

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