Smart radiator styles are THE topic for 2023: Here you can really save on heating costs

The cold season has undoubtedly begun and with it the main heating season. So that you don’t get caught off guard by your utility bill, it’s best to start as early as possible Demand heating at. The easiest way to do this is with the help of smart radiator thermostats, which you can easily control via Alexa, the Google Assistant or your smartphone.

Grab a smart radiator thermostat on offer and start saving on heating costs

Heating on demand made easy – with smart radiator thermostats

Saturn currently offers intelligent radiator thermostats from HAMA at irresistible prices. The individual thermostats use a WiFi hub that can be used to connect to your router.

If you already have such a hub, you can the individual thermostats currently have a 24% discount get at Saturn. If you don’t have a hub yet, you can use the starter set, which includes the hub and two thermostats. This starter set is now 11% off.

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Weekly programmable

The radiator thermostats allow you to individual schedules for every day of the week to create. For example, during the week you don’t have to heat the house or apartment during the day while the children are at school and you are at work. Just before you get home, just let it get cozy and warm again.

On the weekend, however, you can let it stay pleasantly warm all day long so that you can make yourself comfortable on the couch.

Grab a smart radiator thermostat on offer and start saving on heating costs

This will save you valuable heating costs for months. Of course, you could also walk through every room every day and turn everything off and on manually. But this costs you crucial time, which many of us simply don’t have in our everyday lives. So most people simply leave it at one setting in the majority of rooms and waste a lot of energy.

With smart radiator thermostats, all radiators can be controlled at the same time with just one command – even if you haven’t thought of it and have already left the house. Alternatively, all radiators can also be regulated according to a schedule you specify. This way you don’t have to worry about it every day and you can be sure that your additional costs will be lower.

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Open window detection

To avoid wasting energy, the thermostat automatically stops heating if the room temperature drops by a high value in a short period of time. An intelligent function that not only improves comfort but also the environmental footprint.

Frost protection function

If you leave your home for a longer period of time, such as on a winter vacation, you can use the frost protection function to ensure that the rooms in your apartment remain at a constant 16°C. This means that frost damage can be avoided and heating costs can still be saved.

Grab a smart radiator thermostat on offer and start saving on heating costs

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