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Smart device, useful in any home, available at Lidl next week


The Lidl chain of stores will sell, starting Thursday, March 17, a smart device that is useful in any home.

The company will provide a scale with body analyzer. The device, Silvercrest Personal Care brand, will cost almost 60 lei. The device will display your body weight, body mass index (BMI), calorie requirements, muscle and bone mass, and body fat and water percentage.

Users will have 12 storage spaces available.

The scale has a step-on function, ie it starts automatically when you climb on it. The shutdown is also automatic. The device measures 30 x 2.2 x 30 cm.

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The device runs on batteries and supports a maximum weight of 180 kilograms. The information is displayed on a monochrome LCD screen (white on a dark background). All information is displayed by pressing two touch buttons at the bottom of the display.

This model does not have a dedicated smartphone app. Lidl sold such a model in December 2021.

The price of the scale offered by Lidl next week is great. A similar model, Medisana PSM, which supports a weight of 180 kg and has 10 memory spaces, is available at a price of 128 lei on eMAG.

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