Shoes that let you go 2.5 times faster without doing anything extra can be ordered

Inspired by traditional roller skates, but augmented with some modern technology, the inspiringly named accessory – Moonwalkers – attaches to your favourite shoes and lets you go ‘on the go’, only 2.5x faster than before.

Developed by a team of robotics engineers, the Moonwalkers accessory would make any pair of shoes look like roller skates, but in reality it’s inspired more by an electric scooter, miniaturised to fit under the soles of shoes.

The adjustable strapped design allows Moonwalkers to fit almost any shape of sole, with each unit coming equipped with a 300-watt electric motor coupled to a set of polyurethane wheels, similar to what you’d find on a pair of conventional skates.

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More than just skates, the device adapts to the activity being performed, with dedicated sensors detecting the user’s gait, while the dedicated computer automatically adjusts the motor power to simply add speed as the user walks faster or slower.

The claim that Moonwalkers can increase walking speed by up to 250% is based on the fact that most people walk at about 4 to 6.5 km/h. Moonwalkers actually have a maximum speed limit of 11 km/h, even while going downhill, and users can come to a complete stop in about one meter. The accessory is also designed to be used on stairs, using a special foot gesture that activates the wheel lock mode.

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With a battery-powered range of around 10 kilometres, the gadget could be another alternative to a car that doesn’t have to be carried up stairs, or parked. The only worry left would be recharging the batteries before heading home.

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