Scabies epidemic: is there a plague in Spain?

A video of the user @lajotaroja_ on Tik Tok has gone viral for stating that there is a scabies plague in Spain and that its main focus is clothing testers. This statement has managed to go viral reaching the 300,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The comments on the publication are full of doubts and questions, but above all they stand out some who claim they have also suffered an outbreak of scabies: “Finally someone says something about the outbreak, that’s why I don’t try anything on in clothing stores”, “You’ve blown me away, I hadn’t heard anything”, “I had it and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had in my life” , “Finally someone talks about it”, among others.


and it’s not a joke

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This debate has not remained only in the Tik Tok social network but has multiplied to reach Twitter:

Since the release of confinement in March May 2020 there has been an increase in cases of scabies or scabies That hasn’t stopped since. In the consultations of the Spanish hospitals have been registered, with more frequency, scabies cases with more cases than pre-pandemic levelsaccording to the specialized newspaper ‘Medical Writing’.

“We are seeing more cases of scabies than before the pandemic. Since the confinement came out, it has been a continuous boom, we stopped seeing lice, but we began to see many cases of scabies”, details Paul Ortiz-RomeroProfessor of Dermatology and Head of Dermatology Service at Hospital 12 de Octubre for the mentioned medium.

The doctor details that the increase in cases is mainly due to the need for contact that many people felt when they came out of isolation. Scabies is spread skin to skin, just by shaking hands with a friend, the dissemination process takes a month to manifest itself with itching, explains Ortiz.

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