Santi Hernández and Ramón Aurín, “reference” and “spearhead” of the Repsol Honda Team

BARCELONA, Feb. 15 (Royals Blue) –

The chief mechanics of Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró within the Repsol Honda Team of MotoGP, Santi Hernández and Ramón Aurín respectively, are the “reference” and the “spearhead” of the official team of the Japanese factory and the main co-stars of the team , as well as confidants and advisers to the pilots.

In an interview facilitated by the team, Hernández and Aurín each talk about the importance of the other within the team, how they see the two drivers and how they communicate with them inside the box to achieve the best results.

“I have known Ramón for a long time, not only from my time here at HRC but from when I started in the World Cup. He has a lot of experience and for me he is one of the benchmarks in the World Cup. Not only because of the work he is doing right now within Honda, but for all the years and the accumulated experience, both in analysis, in electronics or as chief mechanic”, assured Santi Hernández de Ramón Aurín.

As for how Marc Márquez accepts his advice, Hernández assured that the man from Cervera is a pilot and a person who “listens to everyone”. “Whether he thinks what you’re saying can help him or not. He always listens to everyone and then draws his conclusions and puts them into action,” he said.

“Regardless of all the championships he has won, he continues to listen, trying to get everyone to give him an opinion or something that can help him improve. Decisions are made by everyone, but there are times when the rider’s opinion weighs more than the technique and there are times when it is the other way around”, he added in this regard.

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He also commented on the importance of having Pol Espargaró on the other side of the box, on the other RC213V. “This year with Pol, already with a year of experience with the Honda, knowing the positive and negative points, where you have to work and where you have worked with the new Honda, will help a lot. I think that this second year with Pol and with his team is going to be very productive and for me, it is going to be an important part to evolve the bike, together with the rest of the brand’s riders”, he valued.

“Pol is a very brave rider, very fast, capable of achieving good results as he has shown with other brands and even with Honda. I think it is not easy to get to a brand like Honda and get results because it is not an easy bike to adapt to and I think that in this respect no one has any doubt that Pol has the ability to go fast and, above all, the courage to give it his all”, explained the rider from Granollers.

For his part, Ramón Aurín assured that Santi Hernández is the “spearhead” of the team. “As we always talk, this is teamwork and he is a very important person in this structure. If the team has reached where it has, it is because the spearhead of this team, apart from the driver, is Santi and he is the reference “, argument.

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As for ‘his’ pilot, he highlighted that Pol Espargaró is a boy who “accepts very well” opinions. “When you go out on the track, no matter how much advice you can give, it is the rider who has to adapt as best he can. Pol always tries to follow the instructions we give him and later, if he sees that it is not what he needs, he changes it”, manifested.

And Marc Márquez and his team of mechanics believe that they are the beacon. “Both Marc and his team are the reference in Honda. When Marc decides or gives his opinion about a new aspect of the bike, we try to follow him if we see that he is right. It is very difficult that, with the results he achieves and his way of understanding the bike, make a mistake when choosing a new piece or an adaptation,” he argued.

“Describing Marc is complicated. He is a great driver. Since he started he has always been in the elite, at the top. In addition, lately he has shown us that he is a persevering person, who never gives up. He has been through difficult times and luckily for everyone he has returned. If before he was already a benchmark as a driver, now he is also a benchmark as a person and athlete”, described the eight-time world champion.

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