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Samsung could develop a smartphone with a transparent screen, which slides inside the case


According to a recent patent issued by the South Korean company, Samsung phone owners will be able to take selfies using the main camera on the back of the phone, framing the image using the transparent main screen, slid out of the case.

The technology of transparent OLED screens, which can be viewed from the front and back, has already been demonstrated by LG, rival Samsung even launching a range of TVs with exclusive price, which exposes this feature in a favorable context, such as a showroom or luxurious living room.

But the transparent and sliding screen described in the Samsung patent would be installed on a smartphone with a conventional design, so not even foldable. Basically, it would be an OLED screen partially hidden inside the phone case, exposed only by extending to the top of the case.

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In order not to seem like a useless technological demonstration, the future smartphone would be considerably shorter than a modern phone with a 21: 9 screen, the aspect ratio being closer to a smartphone from 10 years ago (eg 4: 3). Thus, the future smartphone would be small and easy to handle in compact mode, taking the form of a regular phone only after pressing the button that triggers the screen magnification, the main advantage being that the barely exposed part of the screen can be viewed from behind. This will allow you to use the capture app to capture portrait photos, even if your phone does not have a dedicated front-facing camera.

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Coming to the disadvantage, it is obvious that a much shorter rolling phone can not accommodate a very large battery, the problem of autonomy will be solved with the help of denser batteries in terms of energy storage capacity, or more efficient hardware.

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