Russia issues arrest warrant for Ukrainian journalist Dimitri Gordon

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Russian authorities have issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for Ukrainian journalist Dimitri Gordon, who has repeatedly advocated waging war against Russia.

Gordon now appears in the database of the Interior Ministry, according to information from the Interfax news agency. The search for the individual has begun as part of a criminal case against him, although the specific charges against the journalist have not been disclosed.

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Russia’s Investigative Committee previously opened a case against him for urging the unleashing of an “aggressive” war and carrying out actions aimed at spreading hatred and enmity on the basis of nationality.

In addition, he has been accused of spreading false information about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces. Gordon pointed out during a program on the Ukrainian TV channel that a nuclear war should be launched against Russia.

In this connection, he called for achieving the “destruction of Russians on the basis of their nationality, language and origin”, which led to his being placed on the list of persons linked to terrorism and extremism.

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