Online Casino Bonuses and you: A Guide

If you wish to become more profitable with gambling, then you will need to understand online casino bonuses. Usually, most bookies offer new and old customers some incentives to attract them and keep them on their platform.

These incentives are like reward systems where customers can play casino games without any problem. This post will talk about online casino bonuses, categories and the advantages of using them. 

What are online casino bonuses?

An online casino bonus is like a reward, incentive or credit offered by the best online casino Canada website. Online casino bonuses come in different values depending on the bookmaker offering them.

This reward is a good way to increase your chances of winning on the plethora of casino games offered. A casino gambler in Canada needs to read the terms and conditions of these bonuses to understand how they can be used.

Categories of online casino bonuses

There are several bonuses you can get from online casinos, they are:

No deposit bonuses

This is a common promo most bookies offer to their customers without crediting your account. However, this bonus comes with some conditions which you need to understand before using it. The no deposit bonus is available to bet without a player staking with real money. You will need to bet with it at least three times before you can withdraw your winnings.

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Deposit matching

This is another casino bonus offer for bettors. With deposit matching, your first deposit will be doubled to certain limits. Also, like other betting bonuses there are some wagering requirements attached to the usage of this bonus.

Free spins and rolls

A popular reward system for lovers of slot machines. Free spins can either be a no deposit incentive or you might need to credit your bet account with some small cash before you are liable for this bonus.

However, before using this bonus, ensure you know more about the slot games to avoid wasting the free spins. If you are still confused about its usage, you can talk to customer support, who will put you through the best way to use it.

Normally, these free spins are available to only new customers, but sometimes bookies make promo codes available to old members to get extra spins.

Welcome bonus

This is a sign-up reward you get when you just register with an online casino. Depending on the bookie you use the percentages differ. Top online casinos like Betway, ixbet, spin city and casino offer new customers 100%-300% on welcome bonuses.

VIP rewards

VIP rewards are offers which are given to high rollers in online casinos. These types of rewards are usually not available for new customers. However, the more you bet, the more you qualify for this reward. The VIP rewards are for those with huge finances and who register as VIP members of online casinos.

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Loyalty bonuses

Many online bookmakers in Canada offer bonuses to gamblers who have shown loyalty to their betting firm. This is an incentive which is offered to players who have been consistent in betting with them. It is usually given weekly, monthly and yearly.

Bitcoin bonuses

With the rise of cryptocurrency, many online bookies have started accepting payments via bitcoin. Multiple casinos also allow you to withdraw via Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. For customers who use this type of payment, there are several reward systems which these bookies offer them.

Advantages of using online casino bonuses

There are benefits attached to using online casinos and they are:

Increase your online casino bankroll

Players who use bonuses have a higher amount in their account than others. This helps them with more freedom to win than those with lower credit.

It reduces the risk factor

When you play casino games with bonuses, you aren’t using any real money. This gives you a good opportunity to try out strategies and become braver since you aren’t losing cash.

Great for new players

For those new to casino games like online roulette, bingo, poker, baccarat and others, bonuses are a great choice. You have the opportunity to learn games with these bonuses and become better. When you become better, you can stake with real cash.

Disadvantages of using online casino bonuses

There are certain drawbacks to these bonuses.

They can’t be withdrawn

Most online casino bonuses can’t be withdrawn immediately. You will need to bet with them at least 3 times and win before you can cash out your winnings.

Time frame

Betting bonuses have a stipulated frame before it expires. You will have to use them within this period or else, it is gone. For some casinos, it’s 3–7 days before it expires.

Casino bonuses are great incentives introduced by bookies to keep and appeal to casino players. For Canadian players, ensure you read the rules of these bonuses before betting with them.

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