Russia calls for UN Security Council meeting on US biological labs in Ukraine

Archive - Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasili Nebenzia

Archive – Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasili Nebenzia – Cia Pak/UN Security Council Cham / DPA – File

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MADRID, March 18. (Royals Blue) –

Russia has withdrawn a draft resolution in the UN Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and will instead call for an urgent meeting to discuss the issue of US biological laboratories in the country.

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, has announced that they will not vote on this measure, although they will not withdraw the document, and has indicated that they will send a letter with their new request to the ‘pro tempore’ presidency of the organization, held this month by the Emirates United Arabs.

Nebenzia has added, as reported by the TASS news agency, that the Western countries’ draft resolution on Ukraine, which they are going to promote in the UN General Assembly, will bring absolutely no benefit to humanitarian organizations.

“In order to get an anti-Russian product, they (Western countries) are willing to promote it not in the Security Council, but in the General Assembly, ignoring the fact that such a document will give humanitarian workers nothing,” he said. said at a UN Security Council meeting.

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For her part, the United States ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has criticized this decision and has stressed that “if Russia really cared about the humanitarian crises, the one it created, it could simply stop its attacks against the people of Ukraine”.

“But instead, they want to call another Security Council meeting to use this council as a venue for their disinformation and to promote their propaganda,” he said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

During the session, Thomas-Greenfield also described Russian attacks on residential buildings, medical and civilian facilities and demanded that Russia be held accountable “for its atrocities,” according to a statement from the US mission to the United Nations.

“43 hospitals have been attacked by Russia. Associated Press reporters on the ground showed the world a mass grave in Mariupol, a narrow ditch filled with the bodies of children. Yesterday, Russian forces dropped a powerful bomb that hit a theater of Mariúpol where hundreds of civilians were hiding,” he detailed.

The US ambassador to the UN has also referred to the Russian soldiers who shot dead in Chernigov several people who were in a line trying to get bread and food for their families.

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“The International Court of Justice yesterday issued a profound and important order to the Russian Federation, and we call on Russia to comply immediately (…) Its brutal tactics have killed civilians, doctors and some of the journalists who They have been showing us the whole truth of this war”, he has sentenced.

However, Nebenzia has responded to all these accusations by denying the facts, arguing that it is “a disinformation campaign fueled from the very beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.”

“The timely presence of Western journalists on the ground, reporting on what happened, is already becoming a tragic sign of the provocations taking place in Ukraine, covering up the anarchy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and national battalions,” he said. , referring to the attack on the theater in Mariupol.

“The situation in Mariupol and its surroundings has become a kind of symbol of the Western and Ukrainian ‘fake factory’ that is now operating at full capacity,” he added in his speech, as stated in a statement from the Russian mission of United Nations.

Regarding Chernigov and the attack in the bread line, he stressed that “there are no Russian military” in the city and that “most likely” is that “these are the consequences of the thoughtless distribution of weapons to anyone in Ukraine “.

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